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The purpose of this page is to publish my study and private projects to get in touch with interested and interesting people. I am not introducing you to my cat or my motorcycle and you will not find great talk about me as a person here. Instead I describe some of the things I have done for work, during my studies at the ETH in Zürich and during my spare time.

Work Projects

Here I present some of the things I've done for work. This is by far not a complete list and it is not ment to be a CV. If you are interested in a CV please contact me directly. I documented some things that I thought would interest you. And, of course, I am only publishing things that I am allowed to :-(

Study Projects

I have studied electrical engineering at the ETH Zürich and finished my masters in spring 2001. The mandatory project and diploma theses are documented in the "Study Projects" section and their reports are published. You will find some stuff about a voluntary robitic contest i participated in as well.

Private Projects

Since I am interested in a lot of things besides my profession and my studies, a lot of private projects emerge in my spare time. Some of them are documented in the "Private Projects" section. This stuff is mostly experimental. To put it another way: Don't try this at home ;-)